Maximum Happiness, Maximum Contentment, Maximum Love

What Maxus Irie Is

A Message From Luke Andreski


“Leapfrogging, cartwheeling, gyrating and spinning

Our lives are the laughter of the now and ever after

Where happiness and joy

Are a part of forever…

And our contentment and love

Last for ever and ever…”


These words come from the first hymn in the Maxus Irie Book of Happiness. They are words which celebrate the wonder and the marvel of being alive. Life is miraculous. Life leapfrogs, cartwheels, spins and gyrates through the startling continuum of time and space. Life is incandescently beautiful. Life is explosively beautiful. The simple fact of being alive, if you are healthy and fed, is sufficient to introduce at least the first seeds of laugh-out-loud happiness into your heart.


Maxus Irie defines the one path with three destinations: the single journey to the three homecomings of happiness, contentment and love. The prayers, hymns and rituals of Maxus Irie all work towards this end. Through reciting these, and through their everyday actions, the followers of Maxus Irie commit themselves to maximising happiness, contentment and love within the human world.


Anyone, anywhere, at any time can be a follower, member or practitioner of Maxus Irie. Maxus Irie is open to people of all faiths, all persuasions and any ideology. It is a movement in which the religious, the agnostic and the atheistic participate, with the simple aim of helping one another become happier, more content and more able to love and to be loved.


Wrapped in humour, laughter and love Maxus Irie offers a profound truth which can be shared by all: that increased happiness, contentment and love is a fundamental good; that maximising happiness, contentment and love within the world is an utterly worthwhile goal.


I hope you will find these prayers, hymns and rituals a useful beginning in your journey towards this wonderful destination.


I wish you happiness, contentment and love.


Yours faithfully,


Luke Andreski


Cult Designer, Happiness Guru, Maxus Irie Magister Profundis

© 2013 Luke Andreski. All rights reserved.


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