HAPPY New Year

Wishing you a very happy 2014!


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Have a great new year!

Maxus Irie x


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Happy New Year!

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http://www.amazon.co.uk/happy-Maxus-Irie-Happiness-ebook/dp/B00ECECL84 (UK)

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Wishing you happiness and love for 2014!

Maxus Irie

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Creed no creed


Maxus Irie - the happiness cult


Be happy light


zero ideology

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Maximum Happiness, Maximum Contentment, Maximum Love

What Maxus Irie Is

A Message From Luke Andreski


“Leapfrogging, cartwheeling, gyrating and spinning

Our lives are the laughter of the now and ever after

Where happiness and joy

Are a part of forever…

And our contentment and love

Last for ever and ever…”


These words come from the first hymn in the Maxus Irie Book of Happiness. They are words which celebrate the wonder and the marvel of being alive. Life is miraculous. Life leapfrogs, cartwheels, spins and gyrates through the startling continuum of time and space. Life is incandescently beautiful. Life is explosively beautiful. The simple fact of being alive, if you are healthy and fed, is sufficient to introduce at least the first seeds of laugh-out-loud happiness into your heart.


Maxus Irie defines the one path with three destinations: the single journey to the three homecomings of happiness, contentment and love. The prayers, hymns and rituals of Maxus Irie all work towards this end. Through reciting these, and through their everyday actions, the followers of Maxus Irie commit themselves to maximising happiness, contentment and love within the human world.


Anyone, anywhere, at any time can be a follower, member or practitioner of Maxus Irie. Maxus Irie is open to people of all faiths, all persuasions and any ideology. It is a movement in which the religious, the agnostic and the atheistic participate, with the simple aim of helping one another become happier, more content and more able to love and to be loved.


Wrapped in humour, laughter and love Maxus Irie offers a profound truth which can be shared by all: that increased happiness, contentment and love is a fundamental good; that maximising happiness, contentment and love within the world is an utterly worthwhile goal.


I hope you will find these prayers, hymns and rituals a useful beginning in your journey towards this wonderful destination.


I wish you happiness, contentment and love.


Yours faithfully,


Luke Andreski


Cult Designer, Happiness Guru, Maxus Irie Magister Profundis





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The Immortal World – A Hymn

From “How To Be Happy” by Luke Andreski


Soap bubbles caught by the wind and flung

High up towards the smiling sun

In rainbow colours gaily dressed

Once loved, twice treasured and three times blessed

However short their blessed flight

Reflect life’s radiance and light

So we each float careless and free

From evolution’s destiny

And glitter and flash and shine so bright

With creation’s joy, creator’s light

And with momentous strength create

The immortal world in perfect state


There is no time, this time is all

Where civilisations rise and fall

And memories of our fleeting lives

Still shine like stars in timeless skies

And lives the folk of past times lived

Forever remain a timeless gift

There is no time tho’ time seems king

Of matter, space and everything

Yet all these things serve but to show

The beauty of the here and now


Perception’s moment, the phoenix “I”

Is ever reborn and does not die

But lays its mark on timeless slate

Where time has neither heft nor weight

And happy times, joy’s every spark

Carve words of light upon the dark

And when our world grows pale and old

And when the stars grow dim and cold

Our lives of joy will be retold

As time inverts and stars reform

Our words of love will be reborn


Soap bubbles caught by the wind and flung

High up towards the smiling sun

In rainbow colours gaily dressed

Once loved, twice treasured and three times blessed

However short their blessed flight

Reflect life’s radiance and light

So we each float careless and free

From evolution’s destiny

And glitter and flash and shine so bright

With creation’s joy, creator’s light

And with momentous strength create

The immortal world in perfect state




© 2013 Luke Andreski. All rights reserved.

The Smiling Prayer


From How To Be Happy

The Smiling Prayer


Widget? Splodge?

Splat? Dodge?

Doodle? Poodle?

Noodle? Oodle?

Twinkle? Winkle?

Mussel? Bustle?

Wither? Thither?

Blather? Blither?


Spindle? Brindle?

Bridle? Tidal?

Spiniker? Jib?

Globular? Bib?

Articulate? Fulminate?

Stipulate? Spondulate?

Prognosticate? Ruminate?

Just tell me what the otter ate!


Noodle! Oodle!

Gadzooks! Oops!

Doodle! Poodle!

Whoa! Whoops!

Splat! Dodge!

Hodge! Podge!

Weeble! Heeble!

Widget! Splodge!

Weeble! Heeble!

Weeble! Heeble!

Weeble! Heeble!

Widget! Splodge!


The website: www.captivatingcult.co.uk

The book: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00ECECL84

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When is a cult not a cult?


William Tarkovsky


Is a cult a cult if it calls itself a cult?

Is a cult a cult if it denies it is a religion?

Is a cult a cult if it is fundamentally secular?

These questions are all raised by the phenomenon of Maxus Irie, the so-called ‘captivating cult of happiness and joy’. Visiting the website http://www.captivatingcult.com you might think that you have stumbled upon something fundamentally innocent, particularly if you click on the link to be ‘transported to another place’…. but can a cult ever be truly innocent?

Judging by the t-shirts, I suspect the answer may be “Yes”.



To be transported to another place: http://www.captivatingcult.co.uk/laugh.html




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Annoy your friends and family – join a cult

The Juliette Stevenson Interview:

A new cult is infesting our streets… but could it possibly be a “nice” cult?

What are cults and why are they bad? This summer a new cult came into existence: Maxus Irie, the “captivating cult of happiness and joy”. The brainchild of author and poet Luke Andreski, Maxus Irie celebrates and promotes happiness, love and joy while at the same time challenging the very notion of what a cult is.

I doorstep Luke Andreski during a conference in his local city, Bristol UK, and ask him some challenging questions about his new project. I begin by asking him, Aren’t cults fundamentally wrong-headed?

“Generally that’s the case,” Luke says as he ushers me into his quiet and studious household, “but my cult is different. Firstly, it is a fun cult, a cult which is meant to make you smile, a cult which is about nothing other than happiness: increasing our own personal happiness and the happiness of everyone around us.”

I suggest that many cults claim exactly the same thing. “But there’s one crucial difference,” Luke says, serving me herb tea in a bone china cup, “and that is that they take themselves all too seriously. They indulge in the cult of the personality, with some ‘holy’ personage at the centre of the whole thing; they claim connection with some higher power; and there are all sorts of hoops you have to jump through to become a member. None of that applies to Maxus Irie.”

In that case, I ask, how in fact do you become a member of Maxus Irie?

“It’s very easy and very transparent,” Luke states, sipping at his aromatic brew. “You simply smile. You simply laugh. And you set yourself the target of making the world a happier place.” He looks at me. “You’d like to hear now how this whole thing came about?” When I nod, he continues, “Well, it is all very simple. I launched Maxus Irie for two reasons. Firstly, out of a sense of love. I love life, I love the world, and I love the human race. I love these things devoutly and I believe that they are all greatly deserving of love. From this love the core principles and beliefs of Maxus Irie arise. Why not have a new belief system, or a ‘cult’, that works purely on the basis of making people happier, and of increasing the amount of happiness in the world? In other words, why not isolate the core beliefs surrounding happiness about which every type of person, no matter what religion they belong to or which nation they inhabit, would be able to say, ‘Yes – I believe in that too!’

“Secondly, I asked myself the question, ‘Why should the orthodox religions or the traditionally religious have all the fun? Why shouldn’t those who are less involved with specific religions or creeds enjoy the pleasures and benefits of prayers, hymns and rituals?’ And my answer was, ‘Let’s create some prayers and rituals and hymns that anyone, anywhere, of any persuasion or religious belief (or of no belief at all) can participate in and enjoy. Hymns and prayers and rituals whose sole aim is to make you feel happier, and to help you share that happiness with those around you…

“So I wrote the book How To Be Happy, The Maxus Irie Book Of Happiness, set up the website www.captivatingcult.com, designed the t-shirts… and launched the cult!”

So are you saying that Maxus Irie, your ‘captivating cult’, is not in fact a cult?

Luke bounces that back at me with a question of his own: “How many cults do you know which call themselves cults? How many cults say, ‘Hey, don’t call us a religion – we’re a cult!’ Or ‘Don’t bother joining us – just smile!’”

Not many, I admit, as I finish my herbal concoction… And then it’s clear that our time is up and Luke needs to get back online to converse with his disciples via the Maxus Irie Facebook page and Twitter.

Once again on the doorstep I ask, Do you have a last message you would like to share with my readers?

“Yes,” Luke replies with a smile. “In fact I do. Tell your readers that life can be painful, so change that. Tell your readers to do something wild today. Tell them to do something good, something lasting, something based solely on happiness. Tell them to annoy their friends and family – and join my cult!”

Luke Andreski’s ebook, philosophy, blog and t-shirts can all be accessed via his website, www.captivatingcult.com. And studiously and happily in his calm and quiet home he continues his work on Being Content: The Maxus Irie Book Of Contentment and his two novels-in-progress Green Messiah and Elven Dogs.


This interview was first published on Jacksonville.com on September 18