HAPPY New Year

Wishing you a very happy 2014!


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Have a great new year!

Maxus Irie x


The Smiling Prayer


From How To Be Happy

The Smiling Prayer


Widget? Splodge?

Splat? Dodge?

Doodle? Poodle?

Noodle? Oodle?

Twinkle? Winkle?

Mussel? Bustle?

Wither? Thither?

Blather? Blither?


Spindle? Brindle?

Bridle? Tidal?

Spiniker? Jib?

Globular? Bib?

Articulate? Fulminate?

Stipulate? Spondulate?

Prognosticate? Ruminate?

Just tell me what the otter ate!


Noodle! Oodle!

Gadzooks! Oops!

Doodle! Poodle!

Whoa! Whoops!

Splat! Dodge!

Hodge! Podge!

Weeble! Heeble!

Widget! Splodge!

Weeble! Heeble!

Weeble! Heeble!

Weeble! Heeble!

Widget! Splodge!


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